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Linnea Matthiesen
MOM UPDATE Mom went home last Tuesday. From the rehab center, where she had some chest pains, she went to the heart hospital. The therapist there did nto think she needed more therapy so they discharged her to home, but no driving. The doctors at the Heart Hospital did not find anything wrong with her heart but they are not able to do alot of the tests because she has only one kidney and the contrast dyes could harm that remaining kidney so they just ran a couple other tests and found that her dosage of coumidin (blood thinner) was too low. They have since upped the dosage and will be having a nurse come to the house weekly for blood draws so that they can monitor the clotting. I really really hope this is the end of hte complications from this surgery for the time being. I am so tired of running everywhere and never having enough time to do everything that needs to be done. I hope I can enjoy my vacation over the holidays! I need a rest! I don't mind helping Mom, I just don't like the emotional roller coaster from the complications.
Linnea Matthiesen

MOM UPDATE! She was moved to Hales Corners Care Center, 9449 W. Forest Home Ave. The general phone number is 414-529-6888. She is in Room 105. She is not happy having to be in rehab but she is cooperating with them and progressing well. She really wants to get out but realizes that she needs to get stronger in order to do so. Hopefully, the next update will be that she is home. Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts for her. They are much appreciated.
Linnea Matthiesen

Just a quick update on my Mom. She seems to be doing better after the complications of blood clots in her leg, bowel obstruction, stomach pumped and catching C.Diff colitis (really bad bowel bug!) There is no sign of cancer outside of the kidney so that is really good news! Now if all the little things will go away! She is really weak as she has not really been able to eat anything since the surgery, they are trying liquids again today so we will see how that goes. She is in good spirits but not happy about probably going to a Rehab facility when she is released. It is just for her to regain her strength so hopefully only a couple weeks. More later and as I have time. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes!
Linnea Matthiesen

Update on Mom. Well it is not the greatest news but it is not a death sentence either. Mom had the 'diagnostic' out patient surgery on Monday and came out of it well. They did not remove the tumor as it was too big to do so. However, when the full effects of the anesthetic (wish they had spell check) wore off, she was in a lot of pain. The doctor called in a pain medication prescription for her and when she took it, the pain was better, although the pain is still there. Today, the doctor called each of us and broke the bad news. The pathology report is that this is a 'high grade' cancer. I believe that means that it is very aggressive and grows fast and could spread if it was not encapsulated by the kidney. The standard of care is to remove the kidney. A person can live on one kidney and there does not appear to be anything wrong with her other kidney. The doctor tenatively scheduled an operating room for 11/9 as he probably could not get one until after Thanksgiving other wise. This is telling me he is worried and wants that tumor out ASAP. I know that Mom is taking the news hard but trying not to show it. Please keep her in your thoughts. We will have more details after meeting with the doctor on Monday.
Linnea Matthiesen

Update on Mom, She is scheduled for the 'procedure' on Monday. The new Doctor will go in (not saying how, use imagination) and remove all the tumors he sees, laser the incisions and biopsy what he finds. She cannot be left alone for 24 hours so I will be staying with her or she will stay at my home. We have not discussed that yet. I will let everyone know how she is dong after that. Thank you all for your prayers, good thought and caring. It is not only appreciated by me, but also by my mother.
Linnea Matthiesen

The good news is that Mom's prostate is fine, according to the radiologist. The bad news, she don't have a prostate! The CT scan is being re-read by a new radiologist so that we can be sure that the report is correct! Now, I wonder why the previous doctor did not notice this glaring error???!!!!! Again, check out your doctors, and all other medical personnel, prior to any procedure! They may not be competent!
From Linnea:

For those of my friends that know my mother (Lois Matthiesen), she will be needing your support and prayers. Today she was told that she has a cancerous tumor on her right kidney. Dr. originally thought it was kidney stones but when he did an internal exam he saw the cancer. He did a biopsy but Mom will have surgery on 10/19. I don't have all the details just yet and some of this may change. The Dr. believes it is a slow cancer and that it was caught early, so hopefully will have a good outcome. Thanks.
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